From 12th of Dec to 15th of Dec the Project Manager and the appointed expert, Mrs. Flavia Fizi organized and conducted a four day training in “How to increase active participation of youth in planning and decision making process of local government” and “How to make a research work and how to identify the needs and services in the municipality where we live (Kurbin Municipality)”. In these four day event 70 high school students from 4 schools in Kurbin  district were trained in the matter and conducted a discussion on the reasons for the involvement in youth forums and in civil society, and obstacles to young people to be involved in the decision-making process. The training lasted for approximately four hours each day. In the end of the training the expert gave to the students the task of making a research work on a topic which concern most these young people, the students will be in contact all the time with the expert and the P.M for preparing this research work which will be presented in Kurbin Municipality.