Given the need for professional growth that LERDA, as a newly established agency has, on dates 15-19 December 2014 was invited to the premises of the Agency Ms. Anne Sidnik, an international expert for writing and managing projects which would give insights to the agency staff to understand the full process of European projects. In this context, she trained staff regarding the process of writing projects starting from logical framework, the relationship between different stages and elements, to budgeting activities.

In addition to the training LERDA’s staff, there were invited persons from other institutions interested in the project management cycle. During the four days of training were processed two projects, one in the tourism sector and the other in the social welfare sector, worked by trainees with step by step counseling by Ms. Sindik.

This training comes as a continuation of the professional assistance from Ms. Sindik since the idea of creating a regional development agency in Lezha to its concretization and professional development.


Professional Background of Dr. Ane Sindik
Dr. Ane Sindik has 19 years of professional experience in the countries of former Yugoslavia and 9 years of experience with international organizations and donors. Ms. Sidnik has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Split, Croatia, and is a candidate Ph.D. at this university on “skills of competitive SMEs”. Anne has experience as a professor of SME and Development Marketing at American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) and is the founder of Sane Congrego consulting company with headquarters in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dr. Sidnik has extensive knowledge and experience in the procedures and policies of regional development, in the process of establishing regional strategies and local development being an expert on global trends of regional development and regional competitiveness. Ane has rich experience in cross-border projects and economic analysis, especially in the sectors of tourism, SMEs, agriculture, etc.

Dr. Sidnik is an expert in business start-up training on the development of the market, and as such has advised many development agencies and regional policy makers regarding regional policy and regional development procedures, assisting in the processing of over 15 development regional and local strategies.