12562363_920313584705881_145509086_oLERDA collaborated with DAR Lezha, the Lezhe Library, the city of Lac and Peace Corps this weekend for 2 spelling bees. Registered students were given a word to spell aloud to judges and were disqualified if they spelled the word wrong. With each round, the words increased with difficulty. Students were competing in Lezhe and Lac this weekend for the five slots to compete in a regional spelling bee with students from Lezhe, Miredite and Kurbin.
On Saturday, January 10 LERDA staff member, Hekuran Koka, was a judge in the Lezhe County spelling bee hosted by the Lezhe Library. LERDA executive Director Miklovana Jaku was a judge during the Kurbin County competition in Lac hosted by the Lac Bashkia. Other judges included local Peace Corps volunteers from Rubik, Lezhe, Rreshen, and Milot.
The competition was intense but the students that participated had fun and were supportive of one another.
LERDA looks forward to participating in the final competition on Saturday February 6 in Lezhe and wishes all the students congratulations and success in the future.