RDA South has organized the concluding B2B Meeting in Prizren on October 21, 2014, involving entrepreneurs from 4 countries of South Eastern Europe. Mega B2B Event is the last such in a series of such events was organized as a result of “Organizing Matchmaking Events for Specific Industries”, which is part of the UNDP Aid for Trade Project, financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Around 20 businesses from Lezha representing 6 sectors: agriculture production; food processing; artisanal crafts; wood processing; building materials and cultural tourism together with more than 50 businesses from Macedonia and Montenegro, were hosted by approximately 150 businesses from Kosovo Region South. While for the majority of participants, this Mega B2B Event presented an opportunity for creation of new contacts and linkages, discuss commercial ventures and share ideas, for the rest, it was a prospect to further strengthen the already established connections.


Conclusively, the Event was a good occasion to not only do business but also establish friendships. The organization of Mega B2B Event and identification of entrepreneurs was executed in a close cooperation of four regional development agencies, including LERDA, the hositing RDA South of Prizren, RDA UBA from Ulqin, and PREDA Plus from Prilep. All sister agencies expressed their interest in further promoting entrepreneurship in their areas and also the interest to bring businesses together.

Director of PREDA Plus, Mr. Borce Jankuloski, stressed the fact that cooperation between businesses in the region is established on healthy basis and both sides should now concentrate on the quality and visibility of their products.

Mr. Elvir Zeqiri, Director of RDA UBA congratulated the host and Region South for organization of a very successful event, promising that RDA UBA will do its best to host similar events, in a very near future. “Ulqin is known for its hospitality towards tourists and visitor. We will make sure that entrepreneurs visiting us, will feel the same” – stated Mr. Zeqiri.

Albanian delegation was lead by Mr. Artan Gjoka, Director of LERDA, who stated: “It is a great honor for us, as a newly established Agency, to be able to participate in such a great event. It goes without saying that we will continue to support similar initiatives”.

Local, regional and national media outlets, closely followed this Event, ensuring that the information reaches citizens, businesses and other stakeholders.