19th of May 2015- The Final Meeting for the “Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Lezhe Region” Project was held in the premises of Hotel “Liss” in the city of Lezhe.

This meeting brought together 70 participants from different institutions that have contributed in the project during its implementation such as: Regional Council of Lezhe represented by the Chairman of the Council, Public Health Directory, Regional Hospital of Lezhe, Lezhe Municipality,  Red Cross office in Lezhe, several NGO representatives, etc.

During the meeting, LERDA Executive Director, Mr. Artan Gjoka opened the meeting with a brief summary of the project and thanked all the parties involved in implementing the project, the donors and other supporters of this project since the beginning. his word was followed by a brief speech of the Regional Council Chairman Mr. Pashk Gjoni who also thanked the parties involved and encouraged further similar initiatives.

A presentation of the project activities and its results was prepared and presented in front of the audience by the Oncologist Dr. Bardha Gjoni who once again emphasized the importance of this project for the Lezhe Region and encouraged and gave full support on further similar practices.

The meeting was followed by a friendly Buffet Lunch for the participants.DSCN0034