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Connecting communities, business & government to projects,
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Our Plans

The agency will focus on: training, collection and distribution of information to businesses and associations, building connections, promotion and organization of events with a significant impact on the economic growth and social advancement of our region. LERDA will assist in training activity designed for businesses, young people and women, individuals and organizations (NGO-s).

Trainings, courses for new entrepreneurs who want to set up their own enterprise will be supported with the necessary managerial skills. This will be achieved through providing professional training, counseling, technical support and the sharing of information, expertise and experience with partners from different sectors.

LERDA will act as a regional resource center, facilitating the exchange of information between its networks of partners and providing local level support to those living and working in their area.

The agency role is help others to develop collaboration between businesses, local administration, organization  and service providers and assist in building public private partnerships, improving the business clime and will work with different stakeholders identifying partners with similar strategies, objectives, priorities to contribute for the


economic development of the region. In addition LERDA will attract expert and specialist staff encouraging initiatives for growth, co-operating between public and private sectors in ways which work for both cultures

LERDA will aim to create a network of partners enabling the exchange of information on national and regional legal and regulatory provisions, and their implementation procedure which are of direct interest to social economic development of Albania.

The agency will provide assistance and consulting services to companies in different matters such as: marketing, management, investments, assist in the design, implementation and monitoring of programs / projects and provide training and technical assistance in project planning, project management, assessment and reporting to donors of projects carried out.

Lezha Regional Development Agency Long Term objectives

Build and strengthen partnerships with stakeholders in the region and at national level to contribute in the socio-economic development

Make the agency visible in the region by different means(Media, webpage, organising of events, promotion materials)
Identify partners which are focused on improving the socio – economic development of the region
Organize meetings with identified partners to discuss possible activities, mini projects etc.
Organize capacity building events ( meetings, trainings, round tables, exchange experience)
Work with partners to design and implement small initiatives, activities etc.
Apply for different projects in partnership with other stakeholders.
Identify potential national and international donors/ investors interested to contribute in the socio- economic development in the region.

Enhance the capacity of the Agency and Partners for socio-economic development

Hire experts for needs assessment and training to enhance capacities in accordance with Lerda’s priorities.
Organise and facilitate the process of capacity building of businesses in the field of economics by providing (training session ,workshops, seminars,)
Facilitate exchange of experience, sharing best practices between partners.)
Provide consultancy for partners interested on new opportunities related to socio-economic development.
Provide assistance (trainings, information, expertise, network) to entrepreneurs, farmers, local and regional businesses, Local Government Units associations etc. according to their needs.
Co-ordinate and support local economic development which are in alignment with LERDA’s areas of intervention

Support and promote investment and competitiveness of businesses in the region

Develop studies for social and economic needs, priorities and opportunities.
One-stop-shop for investors by providing necessary information for the region, business categories that operate, basic legal information for interested investors etc.
Provide advice and information for businesses leading to development, competitiveness and job creation in the region.
Attract local and foreign investors in tourism, agriculture, manufacture, promoting geographic position and natural resources of the region.
Encourage small business initiatives through consultancies, seminars, and round tables on business planning, business management business administration.
Connect tourism, agriculture, manufacture investors etc with businesses interested to expand in the region.

Promote employment and expand the application of skills relevant to employment

Connect with local business, hotels, and restaurants, touristic villages, discussing their needs, priorities, and employment opportunities.
Provide assessment of needs and employment opportunities for interested job seekers in the region.
Support youth and women entrepreneurship skills (through building capacities, cooperation in different new projects/initiatives) in partnership with interested actors.

Support local units, actors, associations, and regional institutions in project development, project implementation and evaluation.

Assist the above actors interested in working with projects: on writing project proposals, project management (design, implement, evaluate)
Facilitate coordination between local and regional institutions and the private on mutual projects. sector.
Facilitate coordination between national and international partners (mentioned in section “Lerda ‘s Partners”)to support development projects in the region.

Contribute to achieving sustainable economic, environment and social development

Support and collaborate with actors working for economic urban and rural development.
Encouraging the intensive development of agriculture and market products.
Support the creation of SME in Rural areas.(this will help on increasing the employment opportunities and decreasing the poverty in the region)
Support civil society for environment related initiatives(green spaces, clean environment)