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About Lezha

Lezha Region is situated in the north-west of Albania, composed of five municipalities, 16 communes, 9 cities and 170 villages. It counts a population of 221,217 inhabitants. Lezha itself has a population of 105 720 inhabitants, Kurbin has a population of 76 616 inhabitants, Mirdita has a population 38 881 inhabitants.

Lezha Region has a surface area of 1,588.4 km2 and is bordered by Shkodra Region north, Kukes and Dibra regions Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.48.06 PMnortheast, east and southeast, with Durres Region south and it is situated along the Adriatic in west, with a coastline of 38 kilometers. Lezha’s landscape is composed of a mountainous area in the east (65%) and lowlands in the west (35%)with a Forest Surface:92 500 ha,  Grasslands:   34 258 ha, Agricultural land: 31152ha The majority of the population lives in rural areas (around60%), whereas 40% live in urban centers.

1588 km2
92500 ha
Forest Surface
34258 ha
31152 ha
Agricultural Land
38 km

The geographic position of Lezha Region at the heart of the main transportation roads that link north with the south and east with west, as well as its vicinity with the main seaports, such as Durres and Shengjin (the latter is part of the region), makes the region quite attractive and easily accessible not only at the national level but also for the neighbors, including Italy, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece etc.shqiperiamap

Other important elements for the development potentials of the region are also the numerous sources of drinking water, railway lines extending up to Montenegro, the air transport, considering the close distance with Mother Theresa International Airport and Gjader Airport, which is expected to operate soon. Lezha is one of the regions with significant strategic potential, valuable natural and historical assets, archaeological, sites, religious buildings, cultural monuments and national historical values.These resources are located in wide variety across the territory, including the rich water sources in rivers (Drin, Gjader, Fani madh, Fan i vogel, Droje, Urake and Mat), near the Adriatic Sea, as well as mountains and hills that contain a considerably rich flora and fauna that adds to the economic interest and tourism potential of the zone both for the Albanian and foreign citizens.

Such potential is extremely important for this region and, at the same time, attractive for the investors and visitors, taking into account that within a relatively small range the region offers excellent opportunities for the development of the sea, cultural, mountain tourism, etc.