Business Development

LERDA’s main areas of intervention include the business development and tourism by attracting local and foreign investments promoting, geographic position, and natural resources in the region. Small business initiatives will be encouraged through consultancies, capacity building, and connecting investors with small businesses in the region providing advice and information for businesses leading to development, competitiveness and job creation in the region.

Social development (Education & Social Welfare)

In regard to Social development (education & Social Welfare), the agency will encourage and support youth and women in education and training ,entrepreneurship programs, building their capacities, supporting in different  new projects/initiatives cooperating with regional social services.

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We specialise in developing sustainable tourism, growing destinations and businesses. Our clients span local destinations, national tourist boards and global corporations.
We have a strong track record in developing tourism businesses and the visitor economy in the Lezha city and internationally.
LERDA’s consultants work closely with the people who manage destinations, tourism organisations and businesses to provide them with market research, master planning and strategic advice, and the development and marketing of responsible tourism products to deliver economic growth, social and environmental benefits.

Rural & Agriculture Development

Agriculture will be another area of interest for the agency, attracting prospective investors in the region, connecting with local farmers, creating a collaborative climate for the agribusiness in the region. Small initiatives will be supported through consultancies, information promoting the best practices.

LERDA is committed to promoting the development of agriculture in Lezha, as the main engine of economic growth in rural communities, through an efficient, modern and sustainable extension service which will enhance the national economy and improve the quality of life of rural farm families.



Environmental Protection

Environment protection supporting initiatives for green spaces, cleaner environment, preservation and promotion of natural resources will be one of the agency’s areas of interest.
Our vision is ‘a good living environment for humans and all other living things, now and for future generations’. Our objective is to leave for posterity a society in which the major environmental problems are solved, without causing more severe environmental and health problems .
To us, it is important to show how our society gains from benefiting the environment.