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The Regional Development Agency of Lezha (LERDA) was created based on the initiative of the Regional Council of Lezha with the support of Regional Development Programme of Northern Albania in accordance with European approaches to regional development.

LERDA received the approval of the Regional Council of Lezha on 20.02.2013, decision no.11 for the “Establishment of the Lezha Regional Development Agencylogo RDA5

The Regional Development Agency of Lezha (LERDA) is established on 11.12. 2013 according to the Law No. 8652, dated 31.7.2000 “On the organization and functioning of local government.” Law no. 8788, dated 03.05.2001 “For Non-Profit Organizations” and Law no. 8789, dated 07.05.2001 “On the Registration of Non-Profit Organizations”  based on principles that include the government level that are closest to the citizens, local autonomy, cooperation and subsidiary, with the main purpose of designing and implementation of regional development policies.

The aim of the Regional Development Agency Lezha (LERDA) is to improve the socio- economic wellbeing of the region, standards of living for all our citizens by: supporting and promoting employment and investment; building and strengthening partnerships with stakeholders; contributing to achieving sustainable development in economic, environment and social sector.

For designing of this business plan, the Agency staff has identified the key stakeholders in Lezha region and during the mid May-June 2014 has carried out meetings with them. The intentions of these meetings, was introducing the Agency and discuss the areas of intervention, objectives, needs and priorities. The meetings were very helpful for the business plan writing, especially in defying and prioritizing the objectives. In the coming months the staff will continue meetings with other key stakeholders and this process will be ongoing for the years 2014-2015.
The feedback from different stakeholders will be reflected in LERDA’s   business plan.

LERDA's Board


In 2007, the government elaborated a sectorial regional development strategy 2007-2013 aiming at regional and local government development. This strategy proposed a platform for regional development in which the county and the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) will be the main actors/stakeholders. Since 2013, Albania is part of IPA Cross-Border Program between Albania and Kosovo.  In Albania the eligible areas cover 48% of the programme area covering 2 regions composed of 8 municipalities with a total of 362 settlements. The 2 regions from Albania include the Region of Kukës and the Region of Lezha.

Profiles of key Personnel


Viktor Tushaj – Executive Director of Lezha Regional Development Agency. With a rich experience in Public Administration stemming from a previous engagement as the Mayor of Lezhe for eight consecutive years, his current position as Executive Director at LERDA constitutes an added value which contributes to the organizational mission of the agency as a connecting point In coordinating activities and development objectives of Lezhe Region.

IMG-20160805-WA0010Deep knowledge of the Public sector is combined to entrepreneural skills deriving from an early engagement as President of “Beato Annibale” company in Lezhe and several managing positions held through the years.

Mr. Tushaj has been giving his contribute to the performance of the Agency since May 2016 and during these months he’s been a key factor in building public-private partnerships locally and nationally, increasing LERDA’s visibility in the Region and organizational structuring.

His educational background is diverse and complementary to his knowledge and experience, from an early degree in Albanian Language and literature thet later contributed to his deep knowledge of the education system in Lezhe region as a Teacher to further University Degrees in Law, Italian Language and Tourism. This educational background combined with several years of relevant experience in the field and with exellent individual managerial skills have determined his constant engagement in leadership positions in Lezhe Region and in the completion of his profile as one of the most respected and well-known in the Region. Mr. Tushaj is an individual that successfully combines innovative and progressive characteristics thus being an valuable asset for the Agency.

aiselAisel Reka, project manager, 25 years old, just graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Tirana. Devoting considerable amount of time to reading on project writing and managing techniques, different business activities have been in her focus.

She has managed to gain a  variety of experiences, despite her young age, from a good knowledge of the Albanian Law and procedures (related to a previous engagement near a legal office), to pleasant skills in sales and marketing management related to the previous one year experience as a finance and sales manager near a private enterprise.

In her previous experiences she has had the opportunity of gaining further communication skills and learning the importance of hard individual work combined with continuous teamwork and collaboration with colleagues. On her free time she engages in community activities and studies to expand her knowledge in foreign languages and multilingual communication.


Arviola Begaj:
 Project Manager, graduated in the Faculty of Justice University of Tirana, also certificated as intermediate legal. Has experience and excellent knowledge of the Albanian Law and excellent skills in advocacy leadership communications , negotiation, contract management ,quality management .She has different experiences in implementing projects with EU founding. While working for the Regional Council of Lezha has gained experience as project manager and in project monitoring, with different projects of the Regional Council of Lezhe .Some of the projects she managed related to tourism, cultural heritage and environmental.


Kozeta Leka: Financial Manger


Zachary Burdeau is a United States Peace Corps volunteer, who works with LERDA on project development and implementation.